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Since 1992, United has been helping independent business people solve the puzzle of how to tap this lucrative segment of the financial services market. Today we are one of the oldest franchisors of this model. Our turnkey system helps you to identify and develop the appropriate retail environment, master the operations, promote your business and stay up to date with the evolving environment. It allows you to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

A unique way to build your financial future by managing cash transactions. United centers serve the needs of consumers seeking an alternative to traditional banking relationships. Our franchisees operate clean, bright, safe retail centers designed to create a community-bank atmosphere and they build strong customer relationships by providing the type of friendly service not usually associated with today's banks. We meet this demand for convenient cash management by offering better hours and more accessible locations than a typical bank and we cash their checks, with no holds while it clears the banking system, all for just a couple of pennies on the dollar. We also assist them in paying their bills, wiring money and a host of other personal financial transactions.


Why Check Cashing?

I realized that it's really a whole secondary economy that exists and that it is a service that people need. There is a big demand for it. It is a very nice business.

(David Seitz - Ohio)

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